Biographie von Yasmin Reese

".. . Singin ´my live with body & soul. . ."


"The power that lets me sing with heart and soul,
leads me since my childhood.
My voice is what God gave me.
A gift that I like to share with my audience
would like to share. "

Singing means Yasmin everything.
Since her childhood, she has come along
her soulful voice the hearts of the people.

Yasmin Reese from Hamburg has played countless concerts
at home and abroad the reputation of a versatile, impressive artist acquired. Her performances in churches,
Theaters and galas, where they are accompanied by first-class musicians, are always a great success. Her enthusiastic audience leaves the vocalist singer mostly after several encores

and standing ovations to go off the stage.
It is always an experience for everyone when Yasmin sings and sings about the amazing grace (Amazing Grace) or about the distance from which God looks at us (From a Distance).

Gospel singer Yasmin Reese rightly
compared to Mahalia Jackson -
the "Queen of Gospel".

The German press also called you "the German Tina Turner" and thus emphasizes your musical range.
The repertoire about gospel, ballads, soul, rock, blues,
Rock`in Roll .... is so diversified,
like the music itself.




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