Artistic Vita


-1980              Ballet lessons Fr.Siehl and Fr.Ackermann Itzehoe

from 1979      Participation in various musical talent competitions
                        (several first to third places)

1984               Winner "Golden Voice" of the "Current Schaubude"
                        (NDR - Television)

1985               First public appearances with bands (Funk and Soul)

1986-1998     12 years singer of the duo "Piano Voice"
                        performances with own pieces and cover versions before up to
                        2000 Spectators (including MuK Lübeck)

1991               1st prize in the talent competition of RTL television with its own song
                        "Tearing Up My Heart" as well as shooting a prof. music videos

1996               3-month tour through northern Germany including various TV                                      appearances

1996               First CD "expandable" with Hajo Herrmann

1997               Establishment of a private studio

1998               Second CD "Living Gospel" (Mento Music Verlag Hamburg)

Since 1998     Singer for "Yasmin & Band" with several musicians
                        Saxophone: Stephan Schwedersky, Andreas Böther, Tim Rodig,
                        Gabriel Coburger
                        Piano: Tobias Blattmann, Erwin Surin, Jurek Lamorsky,
                        Enno Dugnus, Mischa Schumann
                        Gospel Concerts "Yasmin & Band"
                        Galas (among others by Katharina v. Sayn-Wittgenstein)
                        Promotional tours (e.g., Uwe Seeler Adidas,
                        Deutsche Telekom, Tchibo)

1999               3-month resort tour Dominican Republic

2000               3-month tour of Egypt with various TV appearances
2002               Professional training, voice and breathing technology
                        Roger Cicero

2002               6 months starring "Sally" in the musical "Take A Chance"
                        in the Delphi Theater (Hamburg)

2003               On Tour "Yasmin & Band" with the program
                        "Sing my soul with body and soul"


2004               February: "Musical Four-course Menu" in the
                        Eiderlandhalle Pahlen (1,500 fans celebrate the gospel choir Pahlen
                        and Yasmin Reese)

2004               July: Broadcast of the video "The Rose" at Bibel TV,
                        to see at My Video "Yasmin Reese"

2005               August: "Yasmin & Band" Live at the NDR Studio Hamburg
                        at Friedhelm Mönter. Broadcast of the show "Sonntakte" on NDR                                90.3 with 10 songs and an interview

2005               Performance City Hall Stage Hamburg NDR 90.3

2006               Numerous appearances at gala and various events

2007               Solo performances. Own concerts

2008               February: New edition of the CD "Yasmin Reese"

2008               On Tour "Yasmin Reese" with the program "Gospel and more"

2008               September - November: On tour with actor Lutz Herkenrat
                        "Rita's Welt", musical accompaniment to the reading "the little prince"

2009               Concerts and performances nationwide

2010               Concerts - engagement in Cairo / Egypt with own band
                        in the Coptic Museum 100 years celebration - star guest

                        Yasmin Reese

2011               Gospel Oratorio "The Prince of Peace" by R. Größler
                        Cultura - Sparkasse Theater Rietberg an der Ems
                        2 fifth Choirs, big band, sinf. Orchestra and Yasmin Reese as a soloist

2011               Performance for the Rotary Club in the German Embassy, ​​Cairo /                                  Egypt

2011               Joint gospel concert with the Golden Gate Quartet in Itzehoe

2012               On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the stage, Yasmin                                        Reese produced the first part of the new CD titled "25 years on stage"

2013               May: Debut as the first German ring announcer at the 4th LaFamilia

                        Fight Night

2013               November: Performance of the musical reading "the little prince"

                        in the church Oelixdorf

2014               Spring: Completion and release of the new CD

                        "25 years on stage"

2014               May: Ringansagerin at the 5th LaFamilia Fightnight

2014               Autumn: Concert for the 25th anniversary of the stage

2015               Recording and publication of the audio book "The Little Prince" with                            Hans-Jörg Große

2015               September: National anthem at the 2nd Invictus Fightnight

                        Bad Blankenburg

2016               Old Town Festival Schwerin Baltic Radio - main stage

2017               Concert tour Greenland "polar summer" MS Ocean Majesty

2017               TV feature "Yasmin Reese - German Tina Turner" TV Schwerin

2018               Concert tour Western & Eastern Mediterranean MS Ocean Majesty




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